HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Workers at the Trader Joe’s location in Hadley have officially petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for a union election but that petition also comes with an unfair labor practices complaint.

An Organizer for Trader Joe’s United said they’ve received pushback for wearing their union pins at work, among other things.

Maeg Yosef has been a crew member for 18 years. She said unionizing has been a conversation amongst her coworkers since January and while they received a written statement of approval from their manager, she said workers have faced roadblocks to “build worker power” in the store. Now filing a petition for an election to unionize.

Maeg told 22News they want to have more of a say on compensation, benefits and safety conditions, “Unions are not radical, they’re really simple. It’s a really simple idea for workers to have input into what happens at their job and to have a voice and that’s really all we’re asking for.”

Maeg said they hope to have an election to unionize in the next month or so. 22News reached out to Trader Joe’s media relations office but did not hear back.