Pedestrians concerned about crossing Industry Avenue in Springfield


Some workers are worried about traffic along Industry Avenue in Springfield.

Large numbers of people cross Industry Avenue in Springfield every day to get to work or visit public agencies housed in the complex of buildings on the other side.

Crossing Industry Avenue safely concerns many of these people.

“The cars just don’t stop,” Cindy Fisk said. “They speed up as fast as they can. The best people that stop for us are the 18 wheelers, they stop for us. I would say 95 percent of the time it’s the cars that aren’t stopping.”

Speeding vehicles along Springfield’s Industry Ave. worry pedestrians

Drivers may be unaware that the speed limit there is 25 miles per hour, as there are no posted speed limit signs near that parking lot.

“People will be going like 45 down the street,” Melissa Demarco said. “They won’t even stop, they will still go. We’ll have to scream, put up our hands, maybe they’ll stop.”

Vicki from Springfield declined to go on camera, but she said she’s fearful Crossing Industry Avenue.

“Step out onto the street, almost hit by a car most of the time,” she said. “Even if they’re supposed to yield they don’t stop.”

Springfield Police spokesman Ryan Walsh told 22News police have increased patrols there due to neighbor complaints.

Walsh said Commissioner John Barbieri has directed the department’s traffic unit to place a digital speed board there to collect real-time information on vehicle speeds on Industry Ave. He said you can expect to see it sometime in the next few weeks.

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