Training for the worst

(KUSA) A family martial arts and fitness center in Colorado are teaching an alternative way to handle an active shooter situation in light of the Parkland shooting.

Calvary Family Martial Arts and Fitness in Colorado Springs recognizes that another school shooting could happen anytime. They’re doing what they can to prepare kids and adults for an active shooter situation.

The latest session focused on everything from how to run away from a shooter to physically confronting a gunman.

“Everyone thinks that all these bad things happen to other people but they never think that it’s going to really happen to me,” Jordan Andrews, a high school senior helping out with the session, said.

While a lot of people are asking themselves what they would do if they ever found themselves in such a situation, people attending these sessions are spending their own time preparing rather than waiting to find out the answer.

One of the prominent techniques taught by the instructor, Isaac Costley is “distract, attack, smother and cover.” If a shooter enters a classroom, students and teachers would first distract the gunman by throwing things at them.

The teacher then quickly assigns some students to aim low and others to aim high to knock the gunman to the ground together. Finally, everyone would jump on the gunman, or smother and cover them, while the teacher disarms them.

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