Truck with no driver crashes into home


A family living near Seattle is recovering after a semi crashed into their home. No one was hurt. The surreal part is that there was no driver.

“I heard the clang coming down the hill. By the time it got to that driveway, I said he can’t stop, he can’t stop. Get out!” said homeowner Karen Cooper.

Cooper and her five grandchildren were inside at the time. The semi-truck did extensive damage to the house when it barreled toward it.

“I was worried about the driver. I thought he was dead because I couldn’t see him. Then these construction workers came driving down the street and said there’s no driver, there’s no driver,” Cooper said.

Edmonds Police said the truck belongs to a private company. They were working at a home more than a block away.

“We do have a diesel leak from the truck that the fire department is working to stabilize and get cleaned up,” said Sgt. Josh McClure with the Edmonds Police Department.

Karen’s grandson said he had just come home from the gym about 10 minutes before the crash happened. He was grateful he was there to help.

“The timing of it. It was really God that was here. For me to come and to be out and to be in position. Just to be in position, we were all in the right place at the right time,” said Ian Fleshman-Cooper.

The Coopers said they also have to wait for the insurance company to come out before they’re allowed back into the house. In the meantime, they’re going to stay with family.

Edmonds Police said they’re still trying to figure out if this crash was caused by human error or if the truck had a mechanical malfunction.

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