Trump’s quirky habit of moving things


(CNN) – Here’s something most folks don’t know about our new President, he can’t seem to resist moving things. It’s your move, Mr. President.

Whether it’s a glass or a coaster, President Trump has a habit of moving things. A few inches here, a few inches there. A viewer alerted Jimmy Kimmel to the President’s quirk. “He’s more of a mover than a shaker.”

Moving individual items and even an entire place setting. Apparently seeking the sweet spot. A shorter compilation circulated online leading to comments like “This is desktop manspreading. He’s marking his territory and trying to intimidate others with the space he takes up.”

The President’s moves inspired web gags and armchair psychology. “He thinks he’s the master of everything.” “This is mine to touch.”

So everyone has a theory but what does a professional think? While declining to diagnose, Professor Kevin Volkan weighed in on what may be behind this type of behavior. “They’re feeling some anxiety about something so they control things, move things around, make lists.”

More likely, the professor says, in someone with a narcissistic profile. “They’re just really bored. They get bored really easily especially when the conversation is not about them.”

Internet posters likewise couldn’t resist moving things, like the President’s head replacing it with a cartoon called “Business Cat” and adding a soundtrack.

Funny, President Trump doesn’t seem like the type to be a paper pusher.

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