TSA is gearing up for a busy holiday season at U.S. airports


WINDSOR LOCKS, CT (WWLP)- The TSA is preparing for a busy Thanksgiving travel season.

Their priority: protecting passengers from terrorists.

“They are determined, they are interested in modes of transportation, so we are always trying to adapt our procedures and stay ahead of them,” said TSA Spokesman, Michael McCarthy.

The TSA this fall began a new security procedure that involves closer scrutiny of your carry on luggage at Bradley. This TSA security policy asks all flyers to take out all electronic devices and put them into these bins so officers can have a clear look at them.

“Why not be more safe with everything that’s happening in the world today, said Sarah Torres of Florida. “Its not that big of an inconvenience taking a tablet out of a bag. its really not.”

A Department of Homeland Security investigation recently found TSA screeners failing to find a large number of “test” items like fake weapons and explosives.

“You don’t know what can happen anywhere, said Andrea Jauli of Minnesota. “You can go to the grocery store, churches. I can’t live my life in fear.”

“We look at testing results and we take those seriously, said McCarthy. “Our human factor, technology we have canines, CCTV, all of those working in concert together, that’s our layered approach to security.”

McCarthy said oversized liquids is the number one prohibited item found at checkpoints. Its very rare they find weapons.

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