(WWLP) – A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ruled that President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt was unlawful and must be vacated. The debt relief plan had already been temporarily blocked, but the loans application was open, until now.

The growing cost of college coupled with inflation and other factors, college students and graduates are now uncertain about the future.

“We talk about how much it costs to come here every single day: what we get in financial aid and we’re paying for the next semester already, so it’s very difficult,” said Western New England University sophomore Isabella Pullano. “I think we talk about it on the daily.”

Already about 26 million people have applied, and 16 million applications have been approved. However, because of court rulings, none of the relief has actually gone out.

The average amount of student loan debt is around $30,000, and this program would’ve forgiven $10,000. $20,000, if you’re a Pell grant recipient.

As news broke that applications for the student loan forgiveness will not be accepted, uncertainty and stress is on the rise for college students across the country.

“I didn’t know that they closed it, which is really shocking because I think it was a good idea,” added Pullano.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that for those who have already applied they will hold onto their information so it can quickly process their relief, “once we prevail in court”.