(CNN) – Take a look around and young people everywhere seem to be staring at their phones. Many of them using the social media app Snapchat and sending messages called “snaps.”

According to Katie Vlachina, “Snapchat is a social media where you can send and receive pictures, videos, messages.”

Jena Richter Landers added, “Students love Snapchat. The age group that we’re looking to really connect with, they’re on Snapchat all of the time.”

That’s why, now, UW-Green Bay’s admissions team is taking advantage of the craze. Students are still getting the traditional packets letting them know they’ve been accepted, but this year there’s something new too.

Landers said, “We then send them a snap when they’ve been admitted.”

This means they’re learning they’ve been accepted faster than ever before.

Katelyn Santy noted, “They would definitely get a Snap before they’d get their mail packet. Students get the snaps pretty immediately, because it’s a place where they are they spend a lot of time there.”

The school says it’s able to see when a student sees their message, and so far, admitted students are excited.

According to Michelle Clemens, “They’ll screenshot the snap and they’ll respond with an excited selfie.”