SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Utility companies have acknowledged that due to inflation and the conflict in Ukraine, the cost of heating your home this winter will be on the rise.

Utilities are the next essential that customers can expect to increase in price this winter. Governor Baker said this problem has been top of mind since this summer and he is still waiting for information from the Biden Administration to address concerns about the price and availability of thermal energy.

“There are a number of things we’ve asked them to do. We are still waiting for their response on that but this is something that literally of the New England Governors have been talking about and pushing the feds on since July,” said Baker.

Companies such as Eversource say the are preparing to help customers as they face some of the highest prices seen in a decade.

“We got to pay the bills, at one time I had to ask for a payment plan to pay my bill. So that’s where I’m at, I’m hoping things will get better,” said Mavis Morgan of Springfield.

Massachusetts residents in particular will be hit with budget busting bills, impart because of our state’s reliance on natural gas, the price of which has been increasing due to global conflict. People who heat their homes with oil can also expect hefty bills this winter because the price of oil is up 66 percent from past year.

Henry Jones of Springfield told 22News, “I’m probably turning my heat on a little later in the season, so all the bills are going up and I think it’s a little ridiculous. These bills have been going up before the war in Ukraine.”

This is surely going to be a challenging winter for people. Now might be good time to start researching payment plans and looking at ways to increase efficiency.