(WWLP) – The US Senate will take up legislation Thursday to officially end normal trade relations with Russia and ban imports of the country’s oil.

The two separate bills would organize restrictions already in place by Executive Order.
Last night, the house passed legislation calling for a federal report on evidence of war crimes by Russian invaders.

Also, Wednesday, the United States and the United Kingdom boycotted a meeting of the UN Security Council called by the ambassador for Russia, to discuss its claims that the U-S is running biological warfare labs in Ukraine.

Thursday, the United Nations general assembly will vote on whether to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council.

All this as Russia continues to batter Ukrainian cities.

Authorities in Mariupol say the death toll there has reached 5,000 in that city alone The Ukrainian government is urging anyone still in the eastern regions of the country to evacuate as soon as they can as they expect a renewed Russian offensive to hit there in the coming days.