USA curling breaks the internet (again) after gold medal win


The U.S. won its first curling gold medal after beating Sweden 10-7 early Saturday morning. The country stayed up until after 4 a.m. ET to watch what has been dubbed the “miracurl on ice” and to tweet about the country’s new favorite sport. 

Mr. T jumped on the curling bandwagon early, and even called the team before the gold-medal game. Needless to say, he’s quite pleased. 

The LA Kings were also watching and waiting. 
Looks like the entire University of Missouri was rooting for Team USA as well.
NPR’s Melissa Block took a break from public radio to support Team Shuster. 
Fellow Team USA Olympians were in the stands, watching history in the making. Women’s hockey player Monique Lamoureux-Morando dropped by, fresh off a huge gold-medal game win as well.
This happened to be U.S. ice dancer Evan Bates’ first in-person curling experience.
Past Olympians also gave the curlers some love. Former U.S. curler Jessica Schultz was feeling a lot of feelings.
Retired speed skater Dan Jansen was excited enough for 11 exclamation points.
Two-time gold medal soccer player Julie Foudy was there in person rooting for Team USA. Maybe she can give Team Shuster some tips on being an Olympic Champion.
And fellow Team USA medalist, figure skating Alex Shibutani said it best, and probably created a hashtag for the ages.

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