CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – The American Flag was taken down by someone and burned at Hampshire College on Veterans Day. Veterans, 22News spoke with from Hampshire county Sunday have a message for whoever’s responsible for setting that American flag afire at Hampshire College.

“You can look me up. I’m calling you out Hampshire College.”

On Wednesday following the presidential election, the American flag on campus was lowered to half-staff as the administration agreed to recognize student’s discontent with the results. But some students said that wasn’t enough and wanted it removed altogether.

“The President said that was not within his jurisdiction and that he would have to talk to the board. People didn’t’ want to wait that long, so they burned it.”

U.S. flag burned at Hampshire College, 2 days after being lowered

In a sit down interview with 22News Hampshire College President Johnathan Lash told 22News it was a regrettable moment for the entire campus.

Johnathan Lash, Hampshire College, President said, “We have many veterans on campus. It was a symbolic act that genuinely hurt them and people in the surrounding community.”

And it will be difficult to find out who is responsible as there are no cameras on campus. Veterans remain unconvinced that the proper punishments will be dealt even if those who are responsible are found.

Bill Norris, U.S. Army Veteran, Chicopee told 22News, “It’s very disrespectful. Did they even have a ceremony up there for veterans? Probably not, because they’re out there in LaLa land. You know do what you’re going to do Hampshire College President. Find these kids and make an example of them.”

President of Hampshire College apologizes for student flag burning

Suzanne Cleveland, U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, Amherst said, “That’s just so disrespectful, because you’re not only insulting every veteran that ever served so they could go to college and do whatever they wanted rather than serving their country. You know I think it’s disgusting.”

The flag remains at half-staff at Hampshire College, and will be taken down at night as the administration says they are working to create a healthy dialogue with students about their feelings.