ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — 13 years after Chili teen Brittanee Drexel went missing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Raymond Moody led the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office to her body.

Moody, a registered sex offender, pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping, and criminal sexual conduct charges on Wednesday and was sentenced to life in prison.

Following a detailed account from the prosecution and emotional statements from Drexel’s mother, adopted father, and brother, Moody took the stand.

Full statement

“39 years and 9 days ago, I stood before the court for the horrible things that I did,” Moody said about his prior conviction. “I was sentenced to 40 years and 4 months. And I did 20 years and 8 months — I thought that was enough, but it wasn’t.”

“I was a monster. I was a monster then, and I was a monster, and I took Brittanee Drexel’s life. I’m a mons-” Moody said. “I don’t have the words to express how horrible I feel, and I’ve felt, ever since that day, very, very sorry.”

“That’s all I have to say.”

Click the image below to see the timeline from Drexel’s 2009 disappearance up to Moody’s trial.