VIDEO: Woman shames, stops porch pirates


GLENDALE, Calif. (Video by KCBS via CNN) – Tis the season….for porch pirates.

It’s becoming a growing problem especially during the holiday season.

But for a pair of would-be theives in one California neighborhood, they had no idea who they were messing with.

“I don’t think so…hey!”

That’s the voice of super neighbor Shannon Brandon – shaming porch pirates trying to steal a package from her neighbor’s house.

“Stop! Go put that back. Right now … put it back now,” Shannon yelled.

Tail between his legs, the porch pirate does what he’s told — he puts the package back.

“We were just sitting with our beautiful view of the neighborhood,” said Shannon.

She was eating breakfast with her son in their Glendale home when they say the guys pull up.

“We just thought oh, they’re going to visit the neighbors and whatever,” Shannon recalled. “But when one guy got out of the back and the other guy got out and they started heading towards opposite homes.”

Derek Brandon added, “I told her I said, I saw the guy reach down and take the package. And I was like mom, that guy’s stealing the package.”

That’s when Shannon jumped into action and her son started recording.

Derek said, “So I started filming and then she ran out and I started hearing her scream and I’m like, what is going on?”

“Go put that back … right now!”

That package was returned, the guys took off. And Shannon’s neighbor is very grateful.

“She did a really good job and its a really funny end to it because she got the guy to put the package back and not just run off,” said James Farr-Jones.

“You know those people work hard and that was probably a Christmas present for their kids, and you know, no, it’s not right,” said Shannon.

“I watched it without sound and then when I heard the sound I was like, I would have put the package back too,” added Derek.

Inside the package, the would-be thief was holding? A couple of pillows.

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