GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) Some fake comments are clogging up the Greenfield Police Department’s Facebook page. The department is warning followers of a new method to get unsuspecting users to click on what the department referred to as ‘virus links.’

These links look like news stories, but when the user clicks on the link the user is taken to graphic content. On Thursday alone, the moderators of the Greenfield Police Department Facebook page thwarted a dozen attempts to lead users into the unsuspecting depths of the of the virus links.

Greenfield Police Deputy Chief Bill Gordon said he thinks the individuals leaving the comments are robots. Even though the accounts are blocked, they come back as new accounts. Generic comments referring to “the incident” without a specific time or location are usually these kind of virus comments.

Gordon said this kind of issue is all over the nation and police departments in places like Maryland and Kentucky are dealing with similar comments. The method is similar to the “is this you?” Facebook messages that went around awhile back tricking users into clicking a link.