(WWLP) – The September 6th primary is quickly approaching here in Massachusetts.

Early voting hours for the September 6th primary start on Saturday and for those who are voting by mail, the Secretary of State is urging voters to get their ballots in. This primary season is heating up to be a competitive one, with many contested seats.

For those planning to vote early, voting will be held between Saturday, August 27th through Friday, September 2nd.

Individual cities and towns choose their own early voting locations, dates and schedules, but every community is required to offer a minimum number early voting hours over the next seven days. Polls will open in most cities Saturday at 9:00 a.m., but closing at 5:00 p.m.

You can easily check your local hours on the secretary of state website. Polling places are allowed to begin tabulating early and absentee votes before election day, but no results will be available until polls close on September 6th.

“I urge people who might be going away for the Labor Day weekend or other commitments, to participate, to make sure their vote is in. The benefit of in-person early, even better than vote by mail, is that you actually leave your ballot with the local election officials. You don’t have to worry about it being accepted, any problem on it, you’re voting right then and there,” said Secretary William Galvin.

For those hoping to vote by mail in the primary, your application must reach your local election office no later than 5 p.m. on August 29th. Ballots must be received by an individual’s local election office no later than 8 p.m. on September 6th.

To participate in elections in Massachusetts, you must be registered to vote at least 10 days before the contest. That puts the deadline for the September 6 primary Saturday.

The fastest way to register is online. You can go to the secretary of state website.

If you register online you will need a state issued ID. Without that ID you’ll need to print an application out and register by mail. As long as it is post-marked by the registration deadline, it will count. You can also register in-person at any local election office or RMV.

It’s also possible that you were automatically registered when applying for health insurance or a state ID.
You should update your registration every time you move. However, state law allows you to vote from a previous address in a state election for up to six months after you move.

Fiscal Alliance Foundation 2022 Primary Poll

As for the election itself, most races are still way up in the air. A new poll from the Fiscal Alliance Foundation Fund indicates that “Undecided” is the leading candidate in nearly every major race.

In the race for Attorney General, former Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell has a slight lead over labor attorney Shannon LissRiordan, but almost half of voters still haven’t made up their mind.

It’s the same story for Lieutenant Governor. For the democrats, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll technically leads State Senator Eric Lesser and Representative Tami Gouveia, but almost three-quarters of voters haven’t made a pick.

On the Republican side, 68-percent are undecided, and former Rep Kate Campanale holds a slight lead over Leah Allen.

Finally, in race for Governor, most minds are made up, but it’s still a close race. For Republicans, former state representative Geoff Diehl has 42-percent support compared to businessman Chris Doughty’s 27-percent, with one-third of respondents still undecided. The winner will face democrat Attorney General Maura Healey.