Burlington, VT – Voting in the Queen City will be getting an overhaul. 

Governor Phil Scott has signed two charter changes passed by voters on town meeting day.

Burlington’s city council can now change polling places to be in more convenient locations for voters.

This means Burlington’s ward and district map will be getting an update.

The charter change serves as a way for the city to better line up districts with census information and spread out college students. 

On Thursday, Mayor Weinberger said that the changes will make for a smoother voting process and help rebalance the voting districts. 

“We needed to rebalance, and it’s never an easy process to figure out where new districts should be. It took a lot of work by a lot of people but we got to a place that the council could support strongly and that the voters overwhelmingly supported.”

To see if your district has changed, you can visit the city’s website.