Walmart evacuated after armed man threatens store


FEDERAL WAY, Wash. (KOMO/CNN) — Police are looking for a man who prompted them to evacuate scared shoppers from a Washington state Walmart store Wednesday.

Witnesses say he had a gun — and authorities say he was making threats.

“It was a little bit like your gut just kind of goes up into your throat for a second,” Melanie, a witness said. 

The woman who filmed the video of people evacuating Walmart was inside the store when she saw police with rifles telling shoppers to get out.

“They came in and they said ‘it would be for everybody’s safety if you leave Walmart immediately.’ and they hollered and yelled at everybody,” she said.

Federal Way Police said a man walked into the Walmart with what looked like a gun, making threatening statements.

But they have not elaborated on what he said.

Witnesses said the man was in the sporting goods section when he set the gun on a display counter and he was talking to himself.

“Why did he take it out and set it on a counter for everyone to see and just walk around holding it in his hand clear as day talking to himself, scared a lot of people,” she said.

Police said no shots were fired, but the man got away.

After a gunman massacred 22 people at Walmart in El Paso just days ago, no one is taking this lightly.

“That’s really terrifying,” she said. “The not knowing if you could die at any moment or if someone could just randomly shoot you, you never know.”

Investigators are working to determine what they will charge the suspect with if he is found.

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