Washington focuses on gun control


(NBC News) Lawmakers will meet with President Trump at the White House Wednesday to talk gun control.

Many currently raising the age limit for sales on AR-style rifles to 21.

Another option is a time-out, banning sales of the weapon for 90 days.

There is bipartisan support for training schools to recognize warning signs.

“The best way to keep our students and teachers safe is to prevent violence from entering the schools in the first place,” says Florida Representative John Rutherford.

Expanding background checks is currently stuck in the Senate, with opposition from both sides.

“We hope, for the sake of millions of the kids who attend school every day, that our Republican colleagues will buck the NRA and do the right thing,” says Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Bump stocks make guns like the AR-15 fire like fully automatic weapons, and the White House now says President Trump will support Congress banning that device if he cannot.

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