Watch: Buck charges puppy in Colorado


PINE, Colo. (KDVR) — A scary moment between a German shepherd puppy and a mule deer buck was caught on camera in Colorado on Friday morning.

A homeowner in Pine let her puppy outside around 7 a.m. The buck showed up a few moments later and charged at the puppy. Fortunately, the dog’s owner was standing nearby and was able to scare the buck off.

The dog, which was in a fenced pen in the owner’s yard, was not injured.

The deer rut, also known as deer mating season, is underway in Colorado, and it will last until mid-December.

Deer can become aggressive toward humans, so people are warned to stay well away from them.
If you live in an area where you see lots of deer, take precautions.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommends:

  • Keep dogs on a leash.
  • On walks, with or without your dog, stay as far away from deer as possible.
  • Don’t allow dogs to roam free.
  • Make sure your dog is safe when it’s outside.
  • Never let your dog chase deer or other wildlife.
  • Never leave food outside that could attract wildlife.
  • Tell children not to approach deer or any other wildlife

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