SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – As record-setting heat arrives in parts of Colorado, many are looking for ways to stay cool. So, why not take a swim?

That’s what a bull moose decided to do. And yes, moose really can swim.

Jonathan Oketken was on his stand-up paddleboard in Summit County on Monday when he looked over and spotted the moose swimming next to him.

He grabbed his phone and started recording.

“This guy swam straight across the lake and was a very strong swimmer,” shared Oketken. “[I] escorted him from a respectful distance to make sure a boat didn’t come along and hit him.”

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, moose are at home in the water, making that a good place to view them.

In the video, Oketken can be heard saying, “The moose is a good swimmer! Come on moose, do your thing!”

CPW also said moose, which have few natural enemies in the wild, don’t fear humans as much as most other big game animals. However, people still should be cautious and refrain from getting too close.