Chicopee, Mass. (WWLP) – Not only is it illegal to set off fireworks in your backyard; but you could also be creating a frightening experience for your neighborhood pets.

The loud booms and cracking of fireworks can cause intense anxiety in some dogs. We spoke with a dog owner from Holyoke who plans to keep her dog in the basement and use a noise machine to canceled out the explosive sound from fireworks.

Lince Perroncel of Holyoke said, “I had a dog in the past who was very frightened and I didn’t know it. And she actually climbed under my bed to hide from the noise. And I also had friends with dogs who jumped through window panes.”

If you plan on taking your pet to some July 4th festivities, make sure they have a collar on. According to a report from pet finder service “Pet Amber Alert” — the Fourth of July is the most common time of year when pets run away.