WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A special morning for fathers and father figures in West Springfield on Sunday. The city’s Lions Club hosted a Father’s Day breakfast at its Easter States Exposition facility.

John Ladue the President of West Springfield Lions Club spoke about the morning celebration. “Most fathers are cooking in the backyard today, but before you do that, bring them here and get them a breakfast.”

The proceeds from the breakfast tickets go towards scholarships and other Lions Club sponsored events. Functions like placing flags on the Town Common to honor veterans.

Sunday’s breakfast also honored a former member of the Lions Club, Ed Smart. His son was at the breakfast to show support for the organization his father loved.

“My dad was an avid Lions Club member for many years and this is how they paid homage to him. It’s awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better thing for a better guy,” Russell Smart told 22News.

The morning was complete with eggs, sausage and of course a stack of pancakes. Dick Cunningham of the Lions Club said, “The Lions Club, you know, is a community service organization and it’s just another way of helping out in the community.”

Dick is a long time member of the club. He spent breakfast with his kids and grandkids.

Todd Cunningham of West Springfield said his family has started to make the breakfast a Father’s Day tradition.

“We’ve been doing it for a few years,” he said, “It’s a good way to support the Lions and build in tradition.”

Max Florian of West Springfield also spoke to 22News about the breakfast. “It’s been a tradition for a couple of years. We always really enjoy the food here.”

A morning raising money to support the local community; while also saying thanks to dad.