EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of people, world-wide, plan to march in support of women’s rights and gender equality; many of them will be representing Massachusetts.

The Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts and The Massachusetts Chapter of the Women’s March on Washington helped raised more than $20,000 to provide financial assistance for women and their families to travel to the march on Saturday. The goal of the statewide group is to bring more than 10,000 marchers to Washington, which would make Massachusetts the second largest state group represented at the rally. At least 9,000 Massachusetts residents plan to join the 400,000 – 600,000 people at the Women’s March on Washington. 10 full buses will leave Northampton Friday morning to head to our nation’s capital.

Women’s March for the Pioneer Valley coordinator Lindsay Sabadosa said a smaller, but equally energized march will take place in Northampton. The goal is, “to meet these women who are engaged, who are committed, who are energized, who are really not going to just sit on the sidelines and let rights be taken away from us.”

At 11:30a.m., people will gather on Sheldon Field in Northampton tol march alongside a motorcade, starting at noon, that goes all the way to city hall. There, a rally will be held before everyone files into the Unitarian Society to watch a live-stream of the march in D.C.

Sabadosa said the march is not meant to attack President-Elect Donald Trump or any other politician – it’s meant to unify people, and to recognize women. “We do need government to understand that we are here, and that we need them to listen to us, and that we are a force to be reckoned with,” she told 22News.

The Women’s March on Washington D.C. group has said on their official website they are marching on the first day of the new administration to send a bold message that women’s rights are human rights.

“This is not an anti-Trump protest or pro-Hillary event,” the group wrote.