What documents to keep, shred ahead of Community Shredding event


WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WWLP) – Saturday morning, the public is invited to a free Community Shredding Event at the Big E, as part of Nexstar Media Group’s Founder’s Day of Caring activities.

Separating important paperwork from trash isn’t always easy. So, before Saturday’s event, here are some tips on what to keep and what to shred.

You’ll want to keep documents like warranties, lifetime insurance policies, wills and IDs in a safe place so you always know where they are. These should never be shredded.

For other documents, like social security statements, Annual insurance policies, and retirement plans, you just need to keep the most recent version. Once you get updated documents, you should shred the old ones.

Kevin Dorsey of ProShred Security, that’s partnering with 22News for tomorrow’s event, said pretty much anything else that has personal information on it should be shredded.

“Anything with your name, address, any information, it’s important to destroy it securely.” said Dorsey. “We want people to bring healthcare stuff, financial stuff, anything confidential. We can shred it right on site, and we recycle all the paper.’

This might include a few documents you don’t initially think about, including ATM receipts, and even used airline tickets.

A good rule to think about when you’re deciding what to keep is to think about how hard that document would be to replace. If you need to venture down to a government office, or sit on the phone for an hour, then it’s likely best to hold onto it.

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