CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Oral arguments are set to begin on February 28th on President Biden’s loan forgiveness plan. But as we wait on the Supreme Court decision, what does that mean for you?

Whether or not the Supreme Court rules in favor of debt relief a local expert said there are still options, like changes to income driven repayment plans.

While you may be waiting for up to $20,000 dollars to be forgiven, you may not have noticed the changes to income-based repayment plans. The idea is to make paying back those student loans more affordable for borrowers, all with the ability to be forgiven after a certain timeframe.

The Education Director of Cambridge Credit Counseling, Martin Lynch told 22News, “For-profit will be 20-25 years, non-profit 10 years. Then you file an application for relief and your loans will be done.”

Martin Lynch is the education director of Cambridge Credit Counseling in Agawam. He said those loan payments will remain intact regardless of what the Supreme Court decides in this case. But, once that Supreme Court decision comes down it’s important to be prepared that you’ll have to start making payments 60 days after.

“Most people think that will be around July 1st, so you need to get your budget in order between now and then to accommodate those payments,” continued Lynch.

In the meantime the state’s Attorney General’s office filed an amicus brief leading the charge saying President Biden was working within in his executive power by canceling student debt.

But, looking at the third branch of government, 22News asked Congressman Richard Neal if he could see legislative action being taken to cancel student debt, “We’ll await the supreme court decision on that and then we will act. I’ve not heard the argument yet as to why the Rockefellers should have debt relief, but I think people at the bottom of the economic scale should have debt relief.”