SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The College of Engineering at Western New England University received $184,546 in grants for research projects that go from water consumptions, bioreactors, transportation, and robotics.

Four assistant professors in the College of Engineering were award various amounts to continue multiple projects that provide students hands on work and further their education.

Assistant Professors and Projects

  • Devina Jaiswal, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    • Jaiswal received $16,250 from MassVentures through their Acorn Innovation Grant. Her project, “Designing and Testing of Add-on Features for Do-It-Yourself Bioreactor: A Product-Market Fit Approach” helps researchers develop a customizable bioreactor that helps tissue cultures of tissue-engineered products be used as an alternate to allografts and autografts.
  • Katherine Schlef, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Schlef received $114,276 from the National Science Foundation. Her project, “Analyzing the Impact of Outdoor Water-Use Restrictions and the COVID-19 Pandemic on Water Consumption in Massachusetts” will help provide an understanding on the effect of outdoor water-use restrictions in place on water consumption in Massachusetts.
  • Myungseob (Edward) Kim, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Kim received $45,000 from PVTA via USDOT for his project called, “Pioneer Valley Transit Review and Improvement Planning Study (PV-TRIPS). This project will help design a more sustainable system for traveling in the Pioneer Valley.
  • Vedang Chauhan, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    • “Flexible Material Handling Using a Vision-Guided Industrial Robot” and “Bearing Condition Monitoring Using Machine Learning” were the two projects that were accepted by NSF-sponsored Northeast Cyberteam Program. $4,500 stipends will be given to two Western New England students that helped on each project.

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