Woman saved from burning car reunites with heroes


In an emotional meeting, A Fairfield grandmother reunited with the Sacramento couple that saved her life and her grandchildren from a burning car.

The surreal reunion took place less than a month after they first met on Interstate 80 when the car Ofelia Clougher was driving suddenly catching on fire.

Clougher says she hit a cardboard box on the highway, but she didn’t think anything of it until drivers started honking. It was Kenneth Knox and his wife who got her to pull over.

Knox tried getting Clougher to run, not realizing that her two grandchildren — just three and five years old — were strapped into car seats in the back.

The two of them scrambled to unbuckle the kids with seconds to spare.

The little girl hanging on my neck so hard, and I said, ‘let’s go,’” Knox said.

And right then and there, the car burst into flames.

“I look at them in the ambulance I said ‘gosh if no one stopped’I don’t think I could forgive myself,” Clougher said.

Knox’s wife Dianne says grandma was even more upset to lose her grandbabies’ car seats. But Dianne helped with that too with that too.

“I have a seven-year-old granddaughter and I said ‘I have a booster seat in the back of my car.’ So I went got the booster seat and took it out and gave it to her,” Dianne Knox said.

The life-saving encounter has sparked a life-changing bond.

And the story only gets better from here. The Oakland Raiders reached out to the Kenneth and Dianne. The team says it wants to honor the couple during their October 28th game.

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