SAN FRANCISCO, C.A. (ABC)— An incident on a United flight out of San Francisco is sparking a big debate among parents and passengers.

Sarah Blackwood says her 23-month-old son Giorgio was being fussy and crying before take-off on a flight to Vancouver on Wednesday. That’s when Blackwood says a flight attendant warned her that she needed to get Giorgio under control or they would be asked to leave the plane.

Blackwood says she was embarrassed, “I felt like I had done something wrong. You want your child to be perfect on every airplane, but that’s just not the case.”

Minutes later, Blackwood says her toddler fell asleep. But, the taxiing plane came to a stop anyway.

Skywest, which operated the United Airlines flight they were on, says it acted out of concern for the child’s safety. They went on to say, “Despite numerous requests, the child was not seated and was repeatedly in the aisle of the aircraft before departure and during taxi.”

But Blackwood’s story differs. She says that while the plane was taxiing they were sitting in a window seat and her son was in her lap.

“I was doing the best that I could, I’m not a bad mother because I couldn’t get my son to stop crying at that particular moment. That’s how babies are.”Copyright 2015 News10ABC