SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – 22News is introducing you to the woman who saved a baby abandoned in front of her Springfield home for nearly two days.

This woman who is a mother herself, says she would like to foster and eventually adopt the infant.

“As a mother, its not something I wanted to witness.”

Juliannys Aviles of Springfield

The last thing Juliannys Aviles expected, after a weekend away from home, would be finding a baby on her doorstep.

“I am hearing this baby cry, and when we picked him up, his face was on the floor from where the car seat fell, he was bundled into two blankets, didn’t have socks on…no hat,” said Aviles.

The baby was assumed to be outside and in the bitter cold for 48 hours by the time Aviles and her husband found him. “Every time I would take the blanket off of him, he would cry, because he was cold,” expressed Aviles. “I would then bundle him up and put him on my chest.”

Aviles tells us that a note was left behind with the infant saying to take care of it, Aviles tells 22News she wants to foster the baby. “He was left on my step for a reason, there are a lot of houses and she chose mine, it’s not even to take him in for a little bit, we want to adopt the baby,” expressed Aviles.

Aviles told 22News, a worker for the Department of Children and Families told her that was possible, but since then she was told a potential foster home was already found for the infant. “My heart shattered, we saved this baby’s life, we should be the priority no matter what, nobody has given me a callback, I don’t know who to speak to, it’s hard,” said Aviles.

DCF stated to 22News, “the Department of Children and Families received a report and took emergency custody of the child.” Adding that “due to state and federal privacy requirements, the Department of Children and Families cannot provide specific information about children in its custody.”

Wednesday night, that baby still remains in the hospital, and police are still continuing their search for the mother of the baby.