Woman with terminal cancer wants Christmas cards from across the world


STAFFORD, Va. (WJLA/CNN) – A woman battling terminal cancer is asking for help completing her bucket list.

She’s living vicariously through others with Christmas cards from across the world.

Life has been a roller-coaster for Jean Lee.

She’s battled cancer six times since 2003 — until two years ago, the diagnosis became terminal.

“Pleomorphic sarcoma, which translates into they can’t identify which one it is,” Lee said.

It’s so rare, doctors said she wouldn’t survive longer than 18 months.

“I still think I will die. I could die tomorrow. They really don’t know what’s going on, how it’s going to get me,” Lee said.

But here she is today.

It’s one year later, and she’s still fighting.

“This is technically my first Christmas since my expiration date,” said Lee.

Jean put out a plea on Facebook asking for cards from around the world.

“These are cards that I’ve gotten. It helps with the depression. Sometimes it’s a bright spot in a really gloomy day,” she says.

And inside, Jean asks people to write something unique about their special place.

“I can’t do everything on my bucket list, financially that’s impossible for anybody to do, so I would live through them. I would get the experience through somebody else,” she said.

So far, Jean has only a few cards.

“I’d love to see that all filled in, and all the balcony filled in and having to find other places to put these,” she said.

If you’d like to send Lee a card, her address is 431 Oakridge Drive, Stafford, Virginia 22556.

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