3-D Guns: Too late to turn back?


(NBC News) – A temporary restraining order from a federal judge has halted the release of one activist’s blueprints for 3D-printed guns, which were supposed to go online Wednesday.

The order reversed a June settlement with the federal government that would have allowed the 3D-printable gun files to be available for download, but even so, some posted online early, with more than 12,000 downloads of gun files before the website shut down. 

“Some folks have downloaded it. That does not make it safer to allow thousands more, hundreds of thousands more, millions more to download those guns in the future,” said Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. 

Eight state attorneys general are pushing to make the temporary ban permanent, but enforcement may be a challenge.

Several gun rights groups reacted to the restraining order by publishing the blueprints themselves and other websites and files are also popping up.

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