8-year-old on a mission to save Toys R Us


An eight-year-old girl in New Jersey is making it her mission to save Toys R Us.

“I will always be a Toys R Us kid. And here’s all the kids and grownups who agree with me,” said 8-year-old Delilah Jane Farrell Lattanzi.

Dozens of those Toys R Us kids, and grownups signed Delilah’s multi-page petition to stop the store from closing.

“My mom grew up with it, my grandmother grew up with it and I want my kids to! I can’t imagine my kids not knowing what Toys R Us is. It would just be mind-blowing,” said Delilah.

We did mention she’s 8, right? 

With help from friends at Mawby Elementary School in Woodbridge, the third grader has kicked off a full-fledged campaign. The petition, posters and a letter to the store are just the beginning. 

Delilah and company will be fundraising this weekend.

“I am putting up a lemonade stand up at my house and all money I earned will give to you,” said Delilah.

In just two school days, Delilah and her friends have gotten at least 100 signatures and not just here at school.

“I went to the doctor’s office and the mall and I got people from all over mall,” said Delilah.

“I’m so proud of her. She’s way beyond her years in thought,” said Ben Lattanzi, her father. 

Her super proud parents aren’t the only ones expecting big things from this outgoing and animated activist in the making… who is aware her efforts may not save the store but she also knows, she has to try. 

“I still love me trying to go farther with my effort. and just how hard my friends work. It’s so beautiful to me,” said Delilah.

Toys R Us is impressed too. A spokesperson said in a statement:

The outpouring of support, from both kids and adults, for Toys R Us has been tremendous. We appreciate the love and kindness and will be forever grateful to our customers, like this wonderful girl in Woodbridge.”

Lattanzi says that if the corporation doesn’t accept her fundraising money, she plans to donate it to a children’s hospital.

Toys “R” Us to close or sell all U.S. stores

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