Artists create friendly fence


Many home feature a security fence or cameras for safety reasons, but a pair of artists in Tacoma, Washington have transformed the fence outside their home into something truly unique. 

 Masahiro Sugano and Anida Yoeu Ali admit their first year in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood was tough. They had to file three police reports for property-related crime.

 Still, these artists were drawn to a life in Tacoma for a reason and wanted to make a positive contribution.

 So, with help from friends and their neighbors, they took out their chain link fence and put up a new one, featuring bright white letters that say, “Hello. How are you?”

 “It’s a really interesting way to use art to create this perimeter around the house instead of something that’s so tightly about barriers,” said Ali. “It comes from an innocence, a conversational aspect from this salutation. It’s a greeting.”

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