Boy’s touching speech to youth hockey team goes viral

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(WPRI) — A Cumberland boy is making national news after his speech to his hockey teammates went viral.

Brody Berard is 8 years old and plays for the Woonsocket North Stars Youth Hockey Team. But this week marked the end of the road for his youth hockey league, since it will merge with another youth league, causing the teams to split up.

Sunday’s game was the last game the North Stars would play as a team. That’s when Brody Berard stood up and shared a special message with his teammates.

“I just want to say that I love every single one of you like brothers,” Brody Berard said in his speech, which ended up getting millions of views online. “I love everyone on this team, and I wish we could stay together, and I’m just really happy that we beat the Capitals.”

When asked what propelled the touching moment, Brody Berard believes it was something he felt like he needed to do.

“It came down from my heart,” Brody Berard said.

Brody Berard’s father, Bruce Berard, is the coach of the North Stars and was the one who recorded the touching moment.

“You spend so much time together, over the years, you really become a family,” Bruce Berard said.

Before that speech was shared with the world, the boys shared hours of practice, endless memories and the special feeling of belonging to a team.

“He expressed to me that he wanted to talk with the kids, his friends, being the last game of the season and the last game in the uniform,” Bruce Berard said.

“Everyone’s going to different teams, so I just wanted to say that speech, it was like a goodbye speech,” Brody Berard added.

Although the North Stars will hang up their red and white jerseys, Brody Berard continues to wear his with pride.

“No matter what happens next year, we will always be best friends,” Brody Berard said of his teammates.

Brody Berard is the nephew of former Boston Bruins defenseman Bryan Berard, who was also a star player at Mount Saint Charles Academy. Brody Berard said he hopes to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and to one day play in the NHL.

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