A team from the National Transportation Safety Board is heading to the scene in Rochester, Indiana where three siblings were struck and killed by a pick-up on Tuesday.

 The driver of the truck, Alyssa Shepherd, 24, was charged with three counts of reckless homicide and one count of passing a school bus with its safety arm extended and causing injury. She has since bonded out of jail.

 The children who died are 6-year-old twin boys Xzavier Ingle and Mason Ingle, and their 9-year-old sister, Alivia Stahl. 

 “He didn’t lose one kid, he lost all of his kids,” said their uncle Elgin Ingle. “What do you tell your little brother, how do you tell your little brother it’s going to get better? You can’t.”

 A fourth child, Maverik Lowe, 11, was taken to the a Fort Wayne hospital in serious condition. He is not related to the other children.

 Police have confirmed the children were boarding the bus, and the stop-arm was out at the time. 

 “This school has been warned, this has been an issue, we have said this before,” Ingle said. “They’ve made complaints, other parents. It’s not safe to walk a child across a highway, especially at that time because everyone’s going to work at that time.”

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