Caught on Camera: Skiers jump highway


The Beartooth Highway near Yellowstone National Park is finally clear of snow and open to visitors and at this time of year, daring skiers. 

Imagine driving slowly through snow drifts ten to 20 feet high, looking out your window at a scenic snow-covered landscape, coming around a corner to see a skier flying off a ramp high into the air, and over the Beartooth Highway.

A small group of skiers from Jackson, Wyoming, built an ice block ramp near the road after it was cleared, surveyed the terrain to try to make sure cars weren’t coming, then jumped over the two-lane road.

Judy Watkins a tourist visiting from Australia, saw the jumpers.

“They’re mad. Just absolutely mad. Who would drive over a highway and build a ski jump?” Watkins asked.

If you are wondering if there is a law against ski jumping over a highway, there is.

“Absolutely there is, and it’s called Reckless Endangerment,” says Wyoming State Trooper Rodney Miears.

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