BARRANQUILLA, Colombia (KRON) – A married woman’s affair was unknowingly revealed after she and her lover mistakenly ordered an Uber that turned out to be driven by her husband.

According to El Espectador, the woman known as Yeimy, and the man, Jesus Barrios, met in Santa Maria before deciding to move to a private location. 

The lovers ordered an Uber to take them to a motel. 

At this time the pair was notified their driver, Leonardo, would be picking them up, the publication reported. 

Turns out the woman’s husband had reportedly borrowed Leonardo’s car and Uber account to drive that night, officials say. Leonardo is a friend of the woman’s husband. 

According to Uber policy, drivers are not allowed to let others drive for them. 

Doing so can lead to termination. 

On its website, Uber says the following about its policy: 

“We will deactivate your account for activities such as: providing Uber with inaccurate information; allowing someone else to use your account; and taking a trip using an unapproved vehicle,” Uber noted on its website.

It is unclear at this time what happened after Yeimy’s husband discovered his wife and lover.