(NEXSTAR) – Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey again opened Saturday Night Live’s broadcast this week with jabs at President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden over their performances in the third and final presidential debate.

Carrey began playing Biden on the season premiere earlier this month, and he again portrayed the 77-year-old struggling to suppress his anger at unfounded attacks from Mr. Trump, played for a fifth season by Baldwin. As in real life, Carrey as Biden repeatedly resorted to the “c’mon man” line of exasperation throughout the segment.

Baldwin, on the other hand, used the stage to deflect direct questions, joking that both Trump’s coronavirus and health care plans could not be released because they were “under audit,” a reference to the president’s refusal to release his tax returns over the last four years.

Biden was mocked for this safe and reliable persona, at one point comparing himself to a trusty sedan by claiming, “I’ve got a five-star safety rating and I’m ranked best mid-size in my class by J.D. Power and Associates.”

As with previous “cold open” segments, the Biden-Trump exchange went long, clocking in at well over 11 minutes, during which neither candidate comes off looking particularly reliable.

With ten days left before the November 3rd election, Maya Rudolph in the role of moderator Kristen Welker ended the segment with a less than optimistic: “good luck, America.”

Watch the full clip for yourself below.