Combating “screen snoopers”


Although many of us use our mobile devices in public, we do not want our screens to be public.

 Many people take a peek at your device out of harmless curiosity, but it can also be a way to get your personal information.

 “Shoulder snooping” or “visual hacking” mostly happens in crowded spaces.

 “This is a low level invasion of privacy but it could have high impact negative results,” said CyberScout’s Adam Levin.

 Avoid doing sensitive transactions in public places such as entering passwords or credit card numbers.

 Another simple solution to this problem is to get a privacy screen, a tempered glass cover that is similar to a tinted window for your phone which allows you to be able to view your screen, but a nosy neighbor cannot.

 The Zagg “invisible shield” and 3M privacy protectors are popular brands that generally range from $20-50 and are sold online as well as from retailers like Best Buy.

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