(WWLP) – The Russia Ukraine crisis has generated concern about possible cyberattacks targeting the U.S. Cyber attacks can shut down transportation and even hospitals, anything that relies on the internet.

Cyberattacks have hit Ukrainian banks and government websites, now concerns are growing that the same will happen here in the U.S.

Professor Anna Nagurney at the UMass Cybersecurity Institute said, “The thing is we are all connected. What happened in Ukraine in terms of cyber can actually propagate. It can spread. These viruses can spread.”

Professor Anna Nagurney of the UMass Cybersecurity Institute says these attacks can affect power grids, banks, businesses and other organizations that rely on the internet.

Professor Nagurney added, “These are denial of services attacks, that is when certain computer systems get flooded with so many messages and are overloaded and shut down. It’s to try and cripple the economy, cripple the government, you get collapse at different sectors of the economy.

The Department of Homeland security is urging businesses and organizations nationwide to prepare for any cyber threats, including watching the signs of Russian activity in their networks and building up cyber defenses.

Professor Nagurney told 22News, “The better the companies and governments prepare and mitigate against the potential cyberattacks the quicker they can respond and recover.”

And if you want to protect yourself, Nagurney recommends backing up your computer often and using virus protection software on laptops and computers.

Professor Nagurney said, “Be careful when clicking on websites because of all sorts of phishing. Be aware and be cognizant.”

Again install antivirus protection, be careful what you click on, and back up your data.