Confederate flag photos spark lawsuit


A Charleston mother is suing the South Carolina Secessionist Party after she says they exploited and defamed her children by posting pictures of them holding confederate flags on Facebook. 

Alicia Greene filed the law suit in Charleston County Friday, April 13. According to the lawsuit, she is suing a John Doe, the South Carolina Secessionist Party, and James Bessenger, leader of the SC Secessionist Party.

The lawsuit says the incident happened June of 2017. The two children involved are under the age of 10.

According to the lawsuit, while having a picnic with her children, Greene says two of her children, who are African-American, asked to go see a firetruck. She says when they returned they were wearing stickers of the confederate flag. The children told her that members of the secessionist party put the stickers on them, took pictures of them, and then posted the pictures on Facebook. 

Greene says she didn’t find out about the post until looking on Facebook later that evening. 

James Bessenger, leader of the South Carolina Secessionist Party said he was shocked to hear the news about the lawsuit. 

“I never thought this was going to happen it’s been a year,” he said. “At first I laughed because it’s full of so much nonsense, and then I got to the end and then I was like these people are serious.”

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