‘Country Redneck’ spirit day at child care center angers parents


ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. (WAVY) –  Parents at Grace Montessori Academy in Elizabeth City are asking some serious questions about their choice of daycare.

It comes after the facility planned a spirit week of sorts, which had a theme one parent says is way out of line.

Officials say Tuesday’s theme for spirit week, “Country (Redneck) Day,” was meant for western wear, but parent Tiffany Young said she’s not buying it.

“When I see that word, I feel like it is racist to not only the African American community but also the Caucasian community,” she said. “When I see the “Country (Redneck) Day,” I took great offense to it because I felt like it was a very derogatory word.”

She said immediately she reached out to the school director and received no immediate response.

On Tuesday she told WAVY she is removing her 1-year-old son Malakai from the school altogether.

“I would not want my child to be in a school that is supposed to promote diversity, but instead they are pretty much segregating the children. And I felt like that would not be fair to him or any other child,” she explained

The school’s director sent out an apology Monday stating quote, “she did not proofread the attachment” and that after speaking with other teachers they “were made aware that redneck was seen as racist.”

One teacher sent in her resignation over the controversy.

“Just think about the word of how it was used before. We’re trying to go forward with our kids, not backwards,” said former teacher Angel Brooks.

And although the school apologized, Tiffany said the damage was done.

“It’s just unacceptable to me and she was like ‘oh well I found out who wrote the email and she was laughing about it,’ and that made me more offensive because you know, now you’re carrying something that was very offensive in a humorous manner,” explained Young

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