Couple finds stray female dog who leads them to her 6 puppies down a 100-foot culvert

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GRANTSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – While traveling on vacation, a Utah couple found a stray, hungry, and “very skinny” female dog who led them to a culvert where her six newborn puppies were located. 

Christina and Matt Kener said they were traveling on vacation when they found a mama dog wandering the parking lot of a gas station that was located in the middle of nowhere.

“She was extremely skinny and begging for food,” said Christina Kener. “Her breasts were engorged so you could tell she had just recently had puppies.”

Christina Kener said after they fed the dog some food, she was able to coax her into taking them to her puppies who were located far down inside a culvert (drainage pipe) located off the side of the highway.  

The Kener’s said they could not get any help from animal control or rescue groups so they took matters into their own hands. 

“Using a head lamp and 100 feet of rope my very brave husband crawled down the pipe,” said Christina Kener. “Once he reached the end where the puppies were we were out of rope on my end. And to top it off the pipe was covered in spiders.”

Matt Kener pulled out six puppies, five males and one female. Their eyes just barely open, estimating they were around two weeks old.  

The couple still had seven hours to go and with all six puppies and their momma along for the ride, they made the journey home. 

Christina Kener is the owner of Waggin West Grooming in Grantsville and a professional pet groomer with 8 years experience. The couple has decided to help nurse the momma dog back to health and make sure the puppies have everything they need before going to their forever homes. 

Christina Kener said Dr. Gowns at Countryside Animal Clinic in Tooele donated his time to give a free check up on mama and puppies.

“He gave mama dog her vaccinations, antibiotics and flea and tick medication and also threw in a bag of dog food for mama dog,” said Christina Kener. “Mama dog and puppies all checked out to be healthy besides mama dog had a small infection from giving birth and tape worms. The only female puppy has an umbilical hernia witch isn’t a concern and is a easy fix once she is of appropriate age to have it surgically fixed.”

The couple said they will be keeping them until about 11 weeks before they get adopted. They have a GoFundMe set up to help cover the extra expenses of suddenly having seven more canines to feed.

“I would like to prepay for their spays and neuters and have it on the schedule so that I can some what guarantee the new owners do their part and get the puppies fixed,” said Christina Kener. “I am just asking for some help raising the money for all the vet bills! This was an unexpected expense for our already family of five humans and four pets (two cats, two dogs) any amount seriously helps!”

If you would like to donate directly to the vet clinic call country side animal clinic at (435)-882-4100 and ask to put money on Christina Kener’s account

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