Couple says they were violently ill at same Dominican Republic resort where 3 died


(KMGH/CNN) – A Colorado couple says they got sick at the same Dominican Republic resort as three Americans who mysteriously died there recently.

Kaylynn Knull said she and her boyfriend got violently ill at the Grand Bahia Principe La Romana Resort last summer.

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Their doctor said their sickness was “likely organo-phosphate poisoning,” which comes from pesticides used on plants.

“We noticed it smelled like somebody had dumped paint everywhere,” Knull recalled. “We were drooling excessively. My eyes would not stop watering.”

Knull said she and her boyfriend woke up in a sweat at 4 a.m. and were terrified. 

“I was having the worst intestinal cramping I have ever experienced. It felt like a chainsaw going through my gut,” she said. “Made my blood boil.”

The couple filed a lawsuit against the hotel after the establishment refused to give them a refund or reveal the chemical that was used. They’re asking for $1 million in damages. 

Meanwhile, the resort has released a statement, saying the recent deaths are not connected. However, the US Centers for Diseas Control is investigating and waiting for toxicology reports. 

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