Cutting your commute


Pretty much all of us have our horror stories about the long commutes back and forth to work each day, but some commuters are taking drastic steps to ease the frustration they’re feeling twice a day.

 “We found that 23% of workers leave a job because of the commute,” says Dawn Fay of staffing agency Robert Half.

 Their recent survey found one in five workers leaving a job to find one closer to home.

 “When you think about it, a commute can be very stressful,” Fay says. “It can really play not only not your performance at work, but really into your work/life balance as well too, and you do it everyday.”

 On average commuters are now spending close to an hour a day getting to and from work, with some spending an hour each way.

 “It’s important to talk to your employer to see if you can maybe have some flex time, as to when you start and stop to avoid those peak traffic times, maybe you can work from home, maybe there’s some carpooling and other things that the company can do to maybe help you alleviate some of that stress in the commute,” Fay suggests.

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