Dallas officer charged in apartment shooting


A Dallas police officer has been arrested on manslaughter charges after entering a man’s apartment last week and shooting him to death.

Officer Amber Guyger told investigators she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment Thursday evening when arriving home after a 14 hour shift. 

Her neighbor, Botham Shem Jean, was shot in the chest and abdomen.

“The Texas Rangers made the decision to issue an arrest warrant for manslaughter. The ultimate decision in terms of what this charge will be will be presented to the grand jury,” Dallas District Attorney Faith Johnson said Monday. 

Guyger was released on a $300,000 bond after turning herself in.

Much about the case remains clouded in uncertainty as the victim’s family demands answers.

“I’m not satisfied that we have all the answers, and the number one answer that I want is what happened,” said Allison Jean, Botham’s mother. 

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