DASH CAM: Cop pulls up on alleged #InMyFeelings challenge in progress


MADERA (KRON) – Just last week the National Transportation Safety Board officially released a warning to try and deter people from jumping out of moving cars for the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. 

Apparently, the message has yet to sink in. 

The Madera Police Department posted a 6-second clip on Facebook, which shows a patrol car slowly approaching a SUV in the dark, and flashing its lights at someone who appears to be dancing right outside the passenger side door. 

Once that person sees the cop, the challenge is put to a halt and the person gets back into the car and shuts the door. 

“We have all seen the viral videos associated with the ‘Kiki challenge’ and a number of them have involved the person in the roadway being injured or the driverless vehicle causing a collision,” the department captioned the video.

“Please let common sense prevail! Be aware that it is illegal for pedestrians to be in the roadway and for drivers to allow such activity.”

It is not known at this time if anyone was arrested or cited.

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