DATELINE: Death trap


When a pizza delivery man, Brian Wells, robs a bank while claiming he has a bomb locked around his neck, it turns into one of the strangest cases the FBI has ever encountered.

What a  pretty late summer afternoon it had been along the great lake. August 28th, 2003 — a day the people of Erie, Pennsylvania will long remember, not for its pleasant breezes, but for that spasm of unexpected violence.

Dateline was there.

“It all started with a pizza delivery. It ended two hours later in one of the most bizarre crimes police have ever witnessed.” Stone Phillips

Maybe you remember bits of it? A pizza delivery guy robbing a bank…. Claiming he had a ticking time bomb locked around his neck.

The images are hard to forget… And still painful to watch.

“Horrific– bizarre. Almost like the mother of all, you know, whodunits.” Trey Borzillieri

Strange indeed… But on that day, we didn’t have a clue about all that still lay ahead.

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