Day care leaves baby behind


A 6-month old child was left at a Billings, Montana day care center Friday when the staff left for the weekend. 

 The lights were off, the door was locked, and there was no supervision inside. 

 Tanaya Merchen is a single mother who relies on Kids “R” Us daycare to watch her baby Avery when she is at work. However, when she went to go pick up her son Friday, that wasn’t the case.

 “I get out of the truck and I go to open the door, and it was locked,” Merchen said. “So it was instant panic, like I had no idea what the situation was I just knew I couldn’t get in there, and I knew nobody else picked my baby up, so I was very confused. I called the director lady – the one I communicate with the most. She answers and instantly she already knew. She told me, she said, ‘I am so mad. I am almost there.'” 

 The day care’s owner says miscommunication among the staff lead to the error.

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